What can be achieved through workshops and training?

Workshops, training perfectly combine business with pleasure. You can gain practical skills or entitlements and at the same time having fun. Most of the activities that we offer engage the participants to actively participate. They are carried out by a workshop, so theoretical knowledge can be easily and quickly applied in practice. If you add to this relax in the comfort and charming hotel or stay close to nature, the effects can be incredible.

We can not forget that one of the basic functions of training or workshops is to develop
interpersonal skills that are for the integration of individuals to achieve common goals. Well- chosen and well-coordinated team is the foundation of the successful business. This is one of the ways to have the advantage over competition. Time that is spent together outside of work have a significant impact on improving the atmosphere in the office, which contributes to increased efficiency and achieving better results.

Select something for everyone

The following suggestions can vary every team building event or company trip:
1. culinary workshops
2. sushi workshops
3. bartender workshops
4. coffee workshops (barista) 5. sommelier workshops
6. pastry workshops
7. dance / movement workshops
8. art workshops
9. photography workshops
10. personal development workshops
– sailing training,
– diving training
– survival training
– shooting training
– first aid training
– climbing / height training
– massage and aromatherapy training