Organization of integration and tourist trips

It is well-known that integration trips are one of the most effective elements to mobilize workers. Attractive trips for companies or institutions can play a huge role in team building. They also help to increase motivation in the team, which contributes to the success of the company. This type of the investment in the employee, showing that its hard work and tasks’ involvement is appreciated, can significantly affect the atmosphere in the company.

For this reason, among employers, integration trips are becoming more and more popular way to encourage and stimulate employees. However, in order to achieve the desired effect, each company or motivating trip should be organized in the professional manner by competent and experienced professionals in the tourism business.

Integration and tourism trips are our speciality!

Thanks to our skills and experience, we successfully organized a lot of events. All our trips are comprehensively prepared with further organized service. We create unique programs that we always adjust to the costumer budget and implement them both in Poland and throughout Europe.

We have carefully selected and proven base of resorts and hotels, starting from huge business resorts ending with cozy, intimate guesthouses. We use services of the best transport companies that are on the market for many years. We offer coaches and buses with the highest standard in which each journey is quick and convenient. Our tour leaders and guides are professionals. They are always helpful, friendly and capable to adapt to the characteristics of the group.

With us, every trip or event engraves in memory and returning costumers constitute the best proof of this. We invite you to use services of the Tourist Office PROM.

Below, we present examples of directions that you can choose for the next integration trip.
We’d like to invite you!

Integration trips Wrocław

“Meeting place”- one of the fastest developing cities in our country, especially in tourism and entertainment. In 2016, European Capital of Culture. Beautiful architecture, modern hotels, great restaurants. Extremely rich cultural offer. Moreover, many attractions on the water (wake park, scuba diving, kitesurfing, dragon boats, Odra river cruises) and on the land (bumberball, lasertag) and also in the air (the highest viewpoint in Poland- Sky Tower, Jump Hall, wind tunnel, parasailing, paragliding, powered gliders, flying aircraft. We know Wrocław like a back of our hand! Welcome!

Integration trips Praga

Called “Golden”, is one of the most visited European capitals. The city that never sleeps- with lot of monuments, museums, luxury hotels and original restaurants. Besides sightseeing, we recommend you beer feasts (visiting Staropramen Brewery). Moravian wine tasting and prestige clubs including the largest, 5-level disco “Karlove Lazne”. For regeneration, we offer you Wełtawa River cruises with catering and live music, vintage cars or segway rides.

Integrations trips Kraków

No longer the administrative capital but definitely tourist capital of our country. Kraków is a legendary city with a huge potential, full of first-class monuments, which attract people from all over the world. Cruises on the largest Polish river combined with banquets and animations, balloon rides, outdoor games in the phenomenal Kazimierz, all-night clubbing are just some of the selected proposals. A little bit further, possible climb in Ojców, mining adventure in Wieliczka or Bochnia. For fans of thrills, we offer a ride in the tank T-55 on the testing ground.

Integration trips Karkonosze

“Four seasons”- here is always something interesting! In the winter- avalanche training, dog sledding, sleigh ride with torches, skiing: downhill, cross-country skiing, snowboard, competition on snow; in other seasons: an unforgettable climbing expeditions, balloon rides, visiting Walloons (mountain people), visiting the largest waterfalls in Poland; in the afternoon relax in the Water Park “Tropicana”; in the evening visiting a nightclub with the rhythms of the most popular musical hits or familiar feast with colleagues. From here is very close to the Czech Republic where you can try traditional fried cheese and dumplings.

Integration trips Zakopane

The winter capital of Poland will certainly prove that here is a lot of things to do, not only in the winter. It is the place that will satisfy both people who prefer passive leisure ( numerous thermal pools, excellent regional cuisine) and those who like active holidays (winter sports, scooters, quads, cars 4x4, climbing, rafting in Slovakia. In the evening, the feast with a table full of regional dishes such as sour soup on the ribs. Accompaniment of the highlander band playing numerous traditional songs, such as “Szalała, szalala”.

Integration trips Toruń

City of Kopernik. Staying in this charming town will allow us to “stop the Sun and move the Earth”. Visiting the Astronomical Observatory and the house of the most famous Polish traveler- Tony Halik. Few-hours’ cruises on the Wisła River, gingerbread baking workshop according to the traditional recipe. Regional beers and liqueurs tasting. Traditional Polish cuisine based on spices. Toruń is also an excellent starting point for visiting Gniezno and Biskupin and Malbork.

Integration trips Sandomierz

“City of Ojciec Mateusz”- a proposal mainly for people who want to have some rest. It is a feast for the body (vineyards, traditional Polish cuisine) and spirit (spectacular views, monuments and history). Thanks to the amazing atmosphere of this place, here is no time for boredom.

Integration trips Kotlina Kłodzka

A region that can be the best described with the words of the song “beyond the mountains, the forests, the valleys”. Beautiful places will improve the mood even of the most tired participants. Energy is needed because here are a lot of attractions, such as looking for the Gold Train, Riese Complex- Hitler’s underground city, making own paper, looking for a coal, gold, “trying” arsenic. From here is also close to our southern neighbors or to the capital of Lower Silesia.

Integration trips Góry Świętokrzyskie

"On the witches trail "according to legends, in this region took place witches’ meeting on Łysa Góra; are they still there? You can find it out by yourself ; we will be looking for Baba Yaga, visiting various castles, open-air museums, and we will move to the "world of childhood" in "Bałtowski Tourist Complex" or the Living Museum of Porcelain in Ćmielów.

Integration trips Czeska Szwajcaria

Czech cuisine, although food tasty but not the lightest. We have to remember about active recreation to burn calories. How to do it? Nothing easier. We invite you to visit Czeska Szwacjcaria, where everything is possible. An amazing place in the Czech Republic, which will impress everyone. We will see the largest natural rock bridge in the world and we will be boating on the river Kamenica. If that is not enough, for the "dessert" we can visit the beautiful town which is Drezno.

Integration trips Mazury

"Miracle of nature" - in any other place we will not have a chance to have such a close contact with nature. Numerous forests, horse riding, bike or off-road expeditions; delicious fish cooked on the "million" ways; the wealth of lakes cruises, sailing, canoeing or cruise on the unique Elblądzki Channel ramps. It is also an excellent starting point for trips to Lithuania and Latvia.

Integrations trips Lwów

Hospitality of Lwów residents knows no boundaries. Here, we will speak our native language, which, however, won’t be necessary, because the amount of attractions does not leave time for "talking." Our guide will take you to the unique places such as: "Dim Legend" with the original design, each floor has its own unique character. "Gazova lamp"- the local with the XIX- century atmosphere, which serves drinks gratefully called "Gazówka", "Naftówka", "Benzynówka." What's more – they are served in test tubes. "Puzatahata"- the local that serves Ukrainian cuisine specialties and many others. Number of places that will be visited depends only on the perseverance of participants.

Integratino trips Bratysława

Welcome to the only capital in the world that borders with two countries - in the south with Hungary, and in the west with Austria. Nice and unique atmosphere, magnificent monuments, kind people are just some of the advantages of Bratysława. In the Slovak capital we will be able to see the uniqueness of this place.

Integration trips Berlin

In any other neighboring Polish states we will not meet such cultural diversification where history meets the present. We can discover the city using "Beerbike” or Trabants, enjoy dinner in the Berliner Fernsehturm, experience the international club scene, and then relax in the Park Film "Babelsberg". You can also move yourself to the tropics thanks to the nearby "Tropical Island".