Image of a typical Polish senior spending all day in front of the TV with a cup of tea is gone. Currently, Polish Senior does not differ from its European peer- full of energy and curious about the world. Integration trips or organized tourist trips for seniors are very common today. Seniors are more and more conscious consumers and their requirements and needs are still increasing.

To meet the expectations ,we invite such persons to use our services.

Just contact us and give an interesting direction and we will finalize the offer, taking into account the special needs of seniors. We will make sure that the bed did not have architectural barriers, the coach is comfortable, menu meals are properly balanced, and the visiting program is not too intense, but at the same time interesting. We also remember about at least the minimum of physical activity hence we will choose appropriate staff / trainers.

For many years we successfully serve groups of pensioners both affiliated and just friends.

In our offer, among other things:

  • mushrooming trips or Nordic Walking combined with visiting interesting places or fire / feast -rehabilitation and recreational centers with a rich / extensive treatment base
  • pilgrimage: Wadowice, Częstochowa, Wambierzyce, Lichen
  • integration trip / occasional (New Year’s Eve, Carnival, St. Andrew’s, etc.).
  • bus tours in the country (we recommend: Wrocław, Kraków, Warszawa, Toruń, Trójmiasto, Karkonosze)
  • bus trips abroad (in particular, we recommend: Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany