Why feasts and picnics are so popular?

Organizing feasts and picnics is a great way to spent the time outdoors, especially among friends. Active leisure and taking part in the prepared activities influences on well-being. This is a perfect occasion to strengthen bonds and intergenerational relations.

Feasts and picnics organized from A to Z

It does not matter whether in our events take part 100 or 1000 participants, everyone will find something for itself. We offer comprehensive solutions. We take care of all the details, starting from creation and delivery of invitations, place preparation ending with organization of shows, animation, commemorative gadgets. We also provide the catering. Our instructors will prepare games and activities for children and adults. Also contests, lotteries, quizzes. We also have indispensable equipment for outdoor events such as inflatable slides, castles, trampolines, pools with balls and much more.

With us your event will become unique!